Make Your Customer Service Contagious!

Jan 23 2017 - 1:00pm

In this world of "always open", do your current customers and potential customers receive exceptional customer service at every possible point of connection 24/7?   If they don’t, do you know why and how to fix it?  We are all part of a 1.5 trillion dollar “switching economy”, that is one click away from being tempted by the competition. Consumers used to be much more forgiving, often giving 3 strikes before you were out. Now your customers can leave you with one mistake, one blunt conversation or a slow website response!   What is your company’s “touchpoint score”?  Are you aware of where you must put your focus to avoid any and all parts of your customer service falling through that lethal crack?

Session Track: 
Landscape Design/Build


Merchandise Concepts

Anne Obarski is a professional speaker and CEO of Merchandise Concepts, working with companies who want to become “contagious” ….on purpose.
Anne is a highly requested speaker for nursery and landscape associations and businesses within the U.S. and Canada. She has been a contributing columnist to Garden Center Magazine and is the author and co-author of 5 books on customer service and newest book, "Make Your Customer Service CONTAGIOUS".
She has spoken internationally to more than 100,000 business people over the last 32 years and says she is addicted to the green industry and is determined to challenge you to make your business contagious, on purpose.