Green Light Selling

Jan 24 2017 - 9:00am

You can't be successful chasing leads and competing on price.  Learn a systematic sales process that will show you how to get in front of qualified prospects, form emotional bonds, create more on-target proposals, and close more sales--without selling on price. Avoid wasting time with “Red Light” prospects, learn how to qualify “Yellow Lights”, and spend more time building profitable relationships with “Green Light” clients.You will also create more upsale opportunities and maximize your maintenance conversions with minimal warranty and complaints.

You will learn how to:
Get clarity on your ideal prospect, and what they are really buying.    
Gain control of the sales process, and waste less of your time
Shift the conversation away from price
Separate yourself from the low-ballers
Close more sales and close them faster
Earn higher margins through a targeted process


Session Track: 
Landscape Design/Build


Jeffrey Scott Consulting

Jeffrey Scott, MBA, author, coach and Hall-of-Fame Consultant – is the expert in growth and profit maximization in the contracting industry. He grew his landscape company into a successful $10 million multi-discipline enterprise (15 million in today’s dollars), and he's now devoted to helping others achieve profound success.

He facilitates the Leader’s Edge peer group for business owners; his members achieved a 27% profit increase in their first year. To learn more visit