Dormant Applications in Landscape Beds? Why They Make Sense

Jan 24 2017 - 8:00am

Dormant applications can reduce phytotoxicity and increase the duration of efficacy of many of your herbicides.  Three additional benefits of dormant applications will be discussed: 1) utilization of staff in winter which is traditionally a “down-time” labor-wise versus spring; 2) insurance that applications will be completed before weed germination, versus waiting for spring when conflicting operations take precedence; and 3) optimized control of weeds that are active in cold weather - problematic perennial and biennial weeds.

Session Track: 
Turf & Landscape Management


Mathers Environmental Science Services, LLC

Hannah Mathers is currently an independent horticulture researcher and consultant in nursery and landscape. From 2000-2014 she was a professor at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Since 2015, she has been the owner of her own business Mathers Environmental Science Services (MESS), LLC.  Hannah works with chemical companies, growers, landscapers, IR-4, associations and funding agencies across the U.S. and Canada. Hannah is a recognized national speaker and writer and is best known for her research in bio-rational, conventional, and alternative weed control in nursery crops and landscapes.